About Andris


Andris Communications, a division the Andris Group was formed in 1996 by entrepreneur Chris Washington. Mr. Washington began his business career in the printing industry in 1984. Through his many positions in the printing industry, he experienced and learned all of the aspects of running a small to medium sized business. He also received intense exposure to new computer technologies in the industry where he discovered his passion for technology and tools to assist business owners and employees.  Mr. Washington continued in the printing industry and received formal training and experience through a position in a multi-national printing franchise company as a Business Management Consultant.  Throughout these experiences, he leaned and believes a business succeeds only from hard work, excellent relationships and personal determination.




During the early 1990’s, the internet became available to the masses. Mr. Washington realized this technology evolution was going to impact al businesses in a significant way. With this realization, he formed The Andris Group in 1996 to help many businesses utilize this new technology to grow and change their business. In the beginning, Andris was positioned as a cutting-edge website development company focused on the industrial sector. Andris proceeded to successfully ride the tech roller coaster through the late 1990′s into the new century to develop into a solid technical service consulting company.


Andris continues to provide high-end technology services to all types and sizes of businesses with an expertise in the small to medium sized business sector.  We look forward to servicing you and your company with all of your technology needs.