Surface Pro Review

One really fun part of what we do at Andris is staying up to date on new technology. This includes devices such as the relatively new Microsoft Surface Pro 2. You probably have seen the adds where there seems to be a lot of dancing and clicking of keyboards. Kind of silly but perhaps that is what the non-techs respond to. One particular ad that I saw put the surface next to an iPad and they seemed to be talking to each other. It was a way to show the features the Surface has compared to an iPad. This might be a slightly unfair comparison. While I am a fan of the iPad it does have its limitations. While the Surface also has limitations it is more of a laptop than a pad. You get all of the software options of a full fledged Windows 8 laptop and the convenience of a touch pad. Some pros and cons listed below for convenience:


  • Full Windows 8 (the jury is out on if Windows 8 is a pro or con but software for Windows is obviously plentiful)
  • Portable
  • Decent detachable keyboard.
  • USB
  • Dual Cameras
  • Decent battery life compared to laptops. Not as good as a pad.


  • Magnetic power plug. Love this feature on the Apple products but the Surface ¬†magnetic plug-in is troublesome.
  • No option for integrated WLAN (i.e. Verizon, etc.). This would be a nice option.
  • PRICE! While they are advertised for under $1000, if you want a laptop replacement, you are going to spend upwards of $1500.

Should you purchase the Surface Pro 2? The answer is….it depends. How do you currently use your devices. Do you do some of your critical tasks on a laptop and move to the pad for less intensive activities? If this is the case, you can probably do without the pad and just go with the Surface. Do you or can you do most of your daily activities on your pad and don’t really need another device? You should probably stick with the pad.